“Millions of miles, billions of smiles”

I just returned home from my first (and hopefully not last) Medtronic TC 10 Mile run, part of the full weekend of events at the Twin Cities Marathon. As one would expect, it was a beautiful course and wonderfully organized race, perfect for a crisp October morning.

What I didn’t expect was the tremendous outpouring of support – not for the runners (though there was plenty of that), for me specifically.


Shooting for a 1:20 finish, crossed in 1:19:32!

This year was the first the 10-mile race had pacers. Naturally, I was pumped and honored to be chosen as one – and as the one responsible for the 8:00 min/mile group, more nervous than I had ever been to pace. But my fellow runners made it so great.

At the start of the race, I had at least a dozen people line up with me, excitedly share with me their goal for a sub-1:20 run, even a few who mentioned how cool it was the race finally had pacers. A few of those runners stuck with me through at least half of the miles, others dropped back or up, chatting with me a various points during the race.

The best part though was all the gratitude and sheer appreciation. From the start line, throughout the course, even after the race, I’ve never had so many people thank me. I’m always the one telling people how awesome they’re doing. Great pace! Keep it up! Way to crush that hill! Stay in front of me, you’re almost there! Basically being positive and perky to just enough of a point it’s not annoying. This time, tons of my fellow runners did the same for me.

Don’t get me wrong; every race I’ve ever paced, at least a couple of runners have thanked me. But this was more of an outpouring than I had ever experienced before. A true showing of what we around here like to call “Minnesota Nice.”

Congrats to all the runners who ran through Minneapolis and St. Paul this weekend. Also, shoutout to Chicago marathon runners! Hope you all enjoyed your day as much as I did.

Did you run TC Marathon, 10 Mile or other race this weekend? Comment below with how you did or tweet me your race pics @runlikeagirl311.


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