“Now What?”

For those of you who follow regularly, I know the blog has been sparse the past couple weeks. Not coincidentally, it has now been a full two weeks since my last big race and goal for which I was training, the Fargo Marathon.

This was the best feeling - I want it again!

Post-Fargo Marathon. This was the best feeling – I want it again!

For me, there’s always a window of time after the completion of a huge goal that leaves me a bit lost. I had been training for the Fargo Marathon for months – and, especially this year, was extra-focused on my goal. From precisely planning food and timing supplements to tracking weekly mileage goals and visualizing race day, I spent most of my waking hours focused on my goal. Now that I’ve achieved it (yay!!) and had a couple weeks to relax a bit, recover and take a break (mentally as much as physically!) from the intensity, I’m ready to get back to my regimented fit life.

But it’s not so easy as just getting back to the gym. I’m at that point where I have the feeling. The one I’ve blogged about before. The one that always happens to me (and maybe others too). The one that leaves me saying to myself, “Now what?”

What do I want for my next goal, my next focus, my next carrot dangling in front of me? As I’m trying to sort that out, I’m getting back to the gym and regular exercise, for the usual reasons. But I need something a little more, something to really push me. You would think swimsuit and shorts season would be enough but, sadly, it’s not. Sure, I want to look good in my bikini and feel worthy standing next to my superhot future husband but it’s the spirit of competition that really gets me into #beastmode at the gym and pushes me to my best. I’m not normal. I want competition and intensity. I crave that shit!

Hoping to mooch off other’s inspiration, please post a short comment or tweet me @runlikeagirl311 and tell me what you’re training for right now. What’s your goal, what’s motivating you? Thank you for the inspiration and – who knows – maybe I’ll find a new fit addiction (oh won’t Chris be thrilled?!).


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