“Balanced eating is one piece of pie in each hand”

I’m about to drop something big on you all – Thanksgiving is next week.

Okay, blog lead-in was kind of a big letdown. Whether you noticed the calendar or influx of Christmas ads, we all know it’s Thanksgiving next week. But seriously, it’s Thanksgiving next week. That came fast.

I love Thanksgiving. It doesn’t come with loud noises that might scare your dogs into hiding until the next morning. It doesn’t require weeks of planning the perfect costume. Best of all, it doesn’t demand you shop for hours and lovingly wrap gifts that your siblings are for sure going to return the following week.

Thanksgiving is all about family, football, and food – and maybe even a nice long afternoon nap. Speaking of food, while I love that part, it’s also the part that can cause anxiety for those trying to eat well and balanced. So I’m going to share with you my secret tip for eating on Thanksgiving.

If turkey is your thing, eat all the turkey.

Eat whatever you damn well want to. That’s right. ALL THE FOOD.

No guilt. No feeling like you have to exercise the morning of or all day the next day. No counting calories. No shame in that second piece of pie.

It’s Thanksgiving. It’s one day a year and I think part of following a mindful, balanced eating approach the other 300-plus days of the year means you can enjoy everything wonderful about the day, including all – yes, ALL – of your favorite Thanksgiving foods. My plate will be filled with salad, lefse, potatoes, corn stuffing, and at least one piece of pumpkin pie and my aunt Janet’s special pumpkin torte – essentially, an amazing pumpkin cheesecake-like dessert. Can’t.effing.wait.

Happy Thanksgiving, fit friends. May your day be filled with family, football, and food, or all your favorite things on this holiday.

Do you allow yourself to indulge on Thanksgiving? Or are you more of a cautious, limited eater? Either one is okay as long as it makes you happy! Share with me in the comments or tweet me at @LindsayIRL. Be sure to use hashtag #wellirl to share your Thanksgiving feast on Instagram and Twitter.


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