“Ya, Sure, Ya Betcha”

I live in Fargo. A city best known for horrible spring flooding, bitter cold winters and a quirky movie, which, ironically, wasn’t actually filmed in the city – or even the state of North Dakota. (Fun fact: it was shot it Bemidji, MN) Fargo has been in the news lately, with the much-anticipated TV series about to debut on FX (I’m for sure tuning in) but also, for why it’s a great place to live. And it is.

In my days prior to HARD CHARGE, I worked for two ad agencies. (Another fun fact: Fargo is the nation’s capital city of ad agencies) During those years, I worked with clients all over the country. Naturally, I traveled quite a bit and also had the pleasure of hosting many clients here. The reactions I got to my hometown were drastically different in each situation.

When traveling, people would ask where I was from. I’d smile and enthusiastically say, “Fargo, North Dakota.” This was typically greeted with an odd look and a question of why I chose to live in Fargo. Sometimes, the response was a sarcastic snort and “Oh wow, Fargo.” Yet, when clients came here, they’d give me the same odd looks and maybe say, “Oh wow, Fargo,” but followed immediately with, “This isn’t what I expected. This is a really nice city.”

That's right. We had College GameDay.

That’s right. We had College GameDay.

Fargo is one of the lowest cities in the nation for unemployment, and boasts some of the best technology and small business success stories. It’s home of a national championship college football team, the NDSU Bison, and other nationally-recognized collegiate athletic programs. (Final fun fact: the NDSU men’s basketball team upset #5 seed Oklahoma in this year’s March Madness tourney) The city is home to a major marathon and tons of other races throughout the year – even in winter.

In addition to great schools, great jobs and great opportunities to stay active, one thing I love about Fargo is the people here are straight up nice. Last weekend, Chris and I were out on a bike ride and nearly every person we came across smiled, waved or said hi. Today, during my 16 mile run, I was greeted with much of the same.

Maybe that’s a testament to how supportive the active community is of one another. But I like to think much of it is North Dakota Nice.

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