“Today is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.”

This time last year, I turned the tables on typically end-of-the-year blog posts. Instead of writing about my year in review, I wrote about some of my favorite friends.


Cheers to a great year & the New Year!

Not much has changed from that list. I still find the writing (and personality) of @MattBDavis hilarious and refreshingly honest. I still feel @fit_blondiegirl and I are long-lost sisters. And I still think @JoeFitness is the most badass trainer out there – although rumor has it his wife was teaching bootcamp classes at 9 months pregnant and was back at it almost instantly after giving birth…she may take that title from him.

So this year, I’m going a more traditional route and reminiscing about some of my fitness, blogging and life highlights from 2015. Thanks for reading, friends!



The hottie on the right? Yep, he’s mine. #winning

The Manfriend Became The Husband-To-Be

One of the most exciting moments of my year has nothing to do with fitness – on the surface. Getting engaged to Chris was definitely the highlight but to say it has nothing to do with fitness would be untrue.

Chris and I first saw each other at the gym. We share a hatred of meatheads and a love of making fun of them. We’re committed to working out and eating well yet allowing ourselves flex and freedom. We share a lifestyle and a major part of that lifestyle is fitness. Just don’t call us swolemates – I hate that word.

The Pace Team Dream Became A Reality
Ever since I stepped up to the start line of my first race, I’ve envied the pacers. I always thought they were the coolest, the best runners out there, people I admired. This year, during a fall race, I realized that I wanted to be one. Like, really wanted to be one; to the point I was determined to figure out how so that I could make it happen. Then it did. I got invited to join the Twin Cities Pacers and paced my first race.

100th Blog Post Published
Quite the milestone. I’m pleased that I had enough bullshit ideas swarming in my head and even more that I got them all down into coherent stories for others’ reading pleasure.

I Ran Someone Else to the Finish Line
It was supposed to be an ordinary 5k. A charity race that I would run for myself while supporting a good cause. Then it turned into something more.

Last fall, I raced my first 5k as an Ainsley’s Angels wheelchair runner. Ainsley’s Angels is a nonprofit organization that matches disabled people with runners who push them in specially-designed wheelchairs so they have the chance to be part of the race – and cross the finish line. I sort of fell into this opportunity from a friend who was volunteering for the race and I’m so glad I did. Running always makes me feel good about myself; I totally get the runner’s high that people talk about, especially when I’m racing. Pushing a young man through the course, hearing people cheer for him, seeing the smiles on his face, that was different but kind of the same. And it was awesome.

My Sqaut Overcame Me
This year, I hit a squat PR and successfully repped (6x) more than my bodyweight – my heaviest bodyweight at that. I fluctuate and am usually around 145 but have been known to hit sub-140 or plus-150, depending on the season/what I’m training for. This squat PR was well over the 150 mark.

Bonus: this milestone came during Marathon Season, a time in which leg lifts traditionally went on the back burner so I could focus my legs on racking up mileage.


Best run ever! Now off to Boston!!

I Got My BQ
Speaking of Marathon Season, I’d be crazy not to mention this. Not only was qualifying for the Boston Marathon my biggest accomplishment of 2015, it just might be my biggest accomplishment ever – at least, fitness-wise. It was one of my proudest moments, one that I was able to share with Chris, my family and friends (who were all my biggest supporters and cheerleaders during the quest) and one that I’ll never forget.

Cheers to 2016, a year of new goals, new experiences and 365 more days to be grateful and live each day to the fullest. Happy New Year, friends!

What was your biggest highlight of 2015, fitness or otherwise? Comment below or tweet me @runlikeagirl311 on Twitter.


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