“I work out because I can. And it’s good for me. Okay fine, it’s because I like to eat a lot…I work out because I really really like food.”

Why do you run – or lift or walk or do Bodypump or cycle? Whatever’s your fitness passion, why do you do it?

Even the most dedicated, fitness-loving person needs a little extra motivation from time to time. Whether #MondayMotivation or just a tough day, sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves why we do what we do.

Here’s why I run:


I’ll still relax with a cold one but running is my #1 best stress relief

1. It’s my stress relief
And a much better form of stress relief than yelling, smoking, overeating or one of the other terrible ways I used to handle stress

2. It’s when I do my best thinking
Whether on the treadmill listening to music or outside sans-headphones, I truly do my best thinking while running

3. I’ve put 10+ years into becoming the runner I am today
And I’m not going to throw away all that hard work

4. It makes my legs look good
They’re so big and strong, I get a bonus workout trying to get them into jeans

5. I always feel great after a run
Unless it’s that one long-training-crying-run – or there was a case of unexpected chafing


This is my friend Hannah & me at a street fair w/a color-coded, highlighted map of all the food vendors. Yes, I love food.

6. A world without Cheez-its, veggie burgers, peanut butter M&Ms and cereal isn’t one I want to know
Nuff said

7. It’s 100% “me” time
Even when I bring Burton or Blitz along, it’s because I want to

8. I love racing
Especially getting a new PR or winning

9. It makes me a better, happier person
I can go a little crazy when I haven’t run for a few days…and it’s not the best version of me

10. I love helping others with all-things running
Those just getting started running, those who want to get faster, those who need a strategy to avoid chafing – I’ve pretty much been through it all and can tell it like it is

That’s why I run – why do you run – or whatever’s your favorite workout? Comment or tweet me @runlikeagirl311 on Twitter.


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