“Fitish. Loosely translated: Someone who likes the idea of being fit but equally likes food.”

If you’re like me – and many of you are! – you share my love of food. Yum, food! Many of you also share my love of fitness. Yay, fitness! And hopefully all of you share my love of bringing it all together to achieve balance. Ah, balance.



My good friend, Jess is on the same page with us all and has begun her own blog. Simply by Jess is dedicated to #fitish foods. From steak tacos (I use tofu) to spinach and kale pizza crust, she’s off to a delicious and healthy start. Great for anyone looking for new, yummy meal inspiration that keeps in line with fit goals. I can’t wait to have her guest star on the blog with some special recipes!

Until then, check out her blog and feel free to tweet at her @simpybyjess16 with ideas, thoughts and general fitish conversation. You can also find her (and some tasty looking photos) on Instagram @simplybyjess2016.


A good lookin’ red, white and blue breakfast – and waffles. Mmmmm.

And now in honor of the impeding Independence Day holiday and throwback Thursday, an oldie but goodie blog – in fact, good and old are in the original title…#mindblown. The Good Old Red, White and Blues.

Enjoy your holiday weekend! Be sure to come back on Monday for my latest interview in the series of awesome people on the blog.

As always, if you have questions or something to say, please leave a comment or tweet me, @runlikeagirl311.


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