“The New Year – Time to renew that gym membership you’re never going to use past January”

I despise New Year’s Resolutions. Anyone who has followed my blog for some time, even on occasion, knows this.



So I don’t need to write a blog about why I hate NYRs.
I don’t need to tell you the statistics of how many people fail their NYRs.
I don’t need to explain that I believe most people give up on NYRs because it’s “expected” and that makes it easy or okay to quit.
I don’t need to vent my frustrations of the gym being packed the first five or six weeks of the New Year and how annoying it is for those of us who are committed to fitness the other 46 to 47 weeks out of the year.

No, I’m not going to do that.

Instead, let’s talk about something I love – goals. There’s never a bad time to set a new goal so, if you set a quality one now (not a resolution, a solid goal that you are committed to achieving) that’s good. For my ND and MN friends, or anyone willing to travel, I have a great one for you: The Fargo Marathon!


Had to dig into the archives to find this – my first full marathon!

Like my feelings on NYRs, anyone who follows or occasionally reads my blog knows I love the Fargo Marathon. It was my first race ever and I have run it every year for the past nine. In fact, I love it so much that last week I did a commercial where I made a Fargo Marathon Resolution – I know, I know. But in addition to my love for the race, I also respect good marketing so I was happy to do it.

Sorry, back to the actual Fargo Marathon. I’m super excited that, for my 10th anniversary, I’m going to be pacing the half marathon. At this time, I’m schedule to pace the 2:05 group. Even if my time slot changes, how perfect is this going to be?! The first race I ever ran and now I get to – hopefully – motivate and help others achieve their running goal and cross the finish line.

After I qualified for the Boston Marathon last year (at the Fargo Marathon!), I started thinking about how I would participate in the 2016 Fargo Marathon. Boston is only a month prior to Fargo so I wasn’t counting on being able to run the Fargo full, as I have for the past seven years. At first I was a little bummed but also happy knowing I could still do the half, 10k or 5k. Then the opportunity to be a pacer came up and I jumped at the chance.

Even if you don’t end up running with my pace group, one of my lovely, fellow Twin Cities pacers will be there to guide and motivate you through the miles. You won’t have to run alone and there are tons of running clubs and training program for those who need help preparing too. So go for it!

Ready to train for the Fargo half marathon – or any spring race? Share this post & encourage others to run with you!

And please tweet me any questions, requests for advice or if you’re just in need of a motivation boost, @runlikeagirl311. Or comment right here and I’ll respond. Happy 2016, friends!


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