“Everyone longs to hear those three special words – I have food”

Tis the season for love, hearts, flowers, and all that crap. I’ve never been a Valentines Day lover or hater – but let’s just say, any holiday that encourages the giving and eating of chocolates is good in my book.

Tis the season for something else, even more exciting. Something big happened last week. It was a busy but normal day; I worked a little later than usual and was packing up to leave just after 5:30. I felt an instant drop in my mood, knowing it would be dark outside, as it often is by 5:00 in the winter. But, to my pleasant surprise, it was still light out! The tide has turned, folks, and we’re on the upswing to more daylight.


Up bright – err, dark – and early to hit Cyclebar.

Conversely, it’s still dark AF in the morning. That’s not changing any time soon. I notice this every day when I leave for work but really thought deeper about it when I was up super early to check out a class at the new cycling studio in town, Cyclebar. Whoever came up with the phrase, “Bright and early,” must have a different idea of what early means.

Back to cycling class – this is just crazy right? Me trying a new workout, what? I know, I know I’ve blogged about numerous new workouts in the past two months – and that doesn’t even count Snowga (that’s an outdoor yoga class in the snow) that I tried two Saturdays ago with my fit friend, Heather.

Anyway, the truly crazy part about my excitement over trying out Cyclebar is that I strongly dislike biking (yes, me the triathlete) and really despise cycling class (I took one spin class in my life and swore I’d never put myself through that again).


Cyclebar Fargo

But, like the Spinsanity class I tried during my running sabbatical, word on the street was that Cyclebar’s spin classes were different – challenging, even. As someone always up for a good fitness challenge and the fact I’d have my work BFF, Jessi, by my side, I was eager to give it a shot. The result: I was pleasantly surprised at how much more I enjoyed this class than a typical spin class.

To give you the Cliff Notes version, Cyclebar mixed up intervals with climbing with light weight lifting to keep things moving along and interesting. Class participant stats were projected on the big screen a few times during the class so, for those of us with competitive sides, that also kept intensity up.

On another cycling note, for the past five weeks, I’ve been experimenting with another, very different kind of cycling – carb cycling. While far from well-versed in the strategy, the concept basically entails switching between high, mid and low-carb days, both as a weight management strategy and one to properly fuel and recover from workouts.


A current low-carb version of pizza I’m loving.

I’ll dedicate a full blog to this, as I feel it warrants one. Just to give a quick preview and, again, taking a Cliff Notes approach, this experience has taught me a couple things. One, I’ve just entered marathon training season, so there isn’t going to be much opportunity for cycling of carbs – that, or my carb cycling will look very different than the average person.

Two, and in the spirit of the season of love, I love carbs. LOVE them.

Have you tried carb cycling? Or if you’re interested in learning more, what questions do you have? Post a comment or tweet me, @runlikeagirl311 and I’ll do my best to address now or in an upcoming blog.


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