“I feel the need to endanger myself every so often”

I just returned from a wonderful spring vacation (hence the longer-than-usual absence from the blog). No, I didn’t go to Mexico, Florida or some other sunshine-filled spot. I packed a bunch of layers, cold-weather gear and hit the open road to drive to the Montana mountains. Mid-40s, snow and shredding all day, followed by a steam shower. Yep, that’s my kind of vacation!

Ah, Montana - my happy place.

Ah, Montana – my happy place.

While nice to get away and do something I love, it was tough taking off four days from running, especially during Marathon Season. But it was also a great chance to take part in a fun activity I enjoy. See, I’m a huge sports fan and I love to participate as much as watch. There’s a thrill I get flying down a mountain or diving to make a tough catch – not really putting myself in danger as the above quote might suggest, just doing something that gets the heart pumping and makes me feel alive. And, for those of you who may have thought otherwise, I do enjoy taking part in athletic events outside of running and races! I’m not even talking about triathlons, and the swimming and biking that goes into that training. In that spirit (and with March Madness kicking off this week!) I wanted to share a few of my favorite sports.

Thanks, Captain Obvious. That was revealed about 50 words ago. Since I first strapped on a board and learned how to ride in Whitefish, Montana, I’ve been hooked on this sport. The tough part is I don’t get to go much (for you non-geography buffs out there, North Dakota is severely lacking in mountains) but, on the upside, when I do get to go, I appreciate it so much more.

Some of my fondest memories and best friendships were made in my late teens and 20s, playing co-ed slowpitch softball. It was also a change of pace to play a team sport. Even though it wasn’t supposed to be taken too seriously, the competitor inside of me played to win. And, not to brag, my teams were consistently awesome. I even have a few championship t-shirts to prove it.

More than 20 years of my life has revolved around dance – starting with tap and ballet classes at age three, evolving into competitive danceline in junior high through high school, and rounding out with coaching in my college years. Though I don’t participate anymore, I still enjoy watching competitive dance when I catch it on ESPN – that’s right, haters, it’s a sport and even televised on THE sports network. Also, I like to think my running is improved by my natural flexibility, and engrained focus on the importance of stretching and yoga.

Yes, running is definitely my favorite sport and the one I take part in the most often. But I feel like my love of participating in other sports may have led me to love running, and helped fuel my competitive spirit during races.

What’s your favorite sport, and what are the others that I might not know you love too? Comment or tweet me @runlikeagirl311.


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