“Life is too short to wear boring jewelry”

I’m not a jewelry girl. Unless you could the hemp necklaces I used to make as a teenager (I was a little different back then, don’t judge) or my Garmin (I tend to wear it as an everyday watch too), I’ve never been into jewelry or taken the time to build a collection. Just a few weeks ago, when Chris presented me with the most beautiful piece of jewelry a girl could imagine, it came with a gripe of, “I had a hell of time figuring out the size. Why don’t you have any other rings?” That’s a two-fold answer. 1) It’s hard enough dressing myself in an acceptable way, I have no idea how to accessorize on top of that. 2) I’m a move and a shaker; between running, lifting and everything else, don’t have time for big necklaces or bracelets getting in my way.

The one exception to this rule is earrings. I’ve always loved earrings. They’re an easy accessory to add to any outfit (when in doubt, I can always go with my basic hoops), you can never have too many and plenty of styles can be worn while working out.

When one of my friends started posting photos of her new earrings made by a company called Milk Jug Designs, I took notice. Not only were the earrings simple, there were tons of bright colors and pretty designs. They looked like the kind of earrings you could wear with a fancy outfit, a pair of jeans and a tee, or even sweats. Then I found out they’re made by a local woman. Even better. Gotta support local and small businesses!

Barbell earrings for a girl who loves to lift!

Barbell earrings for a girl who loves to lift!

I received my first two pairs a couple weeks ago and I’m hooked – I mean come on, these beauties are hot pink with barbells. For a girl who loves to lift, how perfect! The other I chose is an aqua blue that’s beautiful and bright, yet simple enough to go with jeans or just about anything (crucial for my casual style). I already have my next order in, and am contemplating some additional and custom designs.

Whether you’re a jewelry aficionado or more like me, you should check out @MilkJugDesigns on Instagram. The owner/designer posts new styles, contests and flash sales on a regular basis, and you can get her contact info to order your own.

If you order from Milk Jug Designs, let me know how you like them! Also, post a pic of yourself wearing them on Instagram with #MilkJugDesigns so the owner can see her designs out there in the world.

Do any of you have a favorite, local business I should know about? I’d love to check it out! Comment below or tweet me @runlikeagirl311.


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