“Anyone who says a minute goes by fast has never been on a treadmill”

By this time of year, I think we can all agree spring can’t come soon enough. I love winter and snow and running in the cold but I’m definitely ready for longer days and warmer temps. In Fargo, we’ve actually been very fortunate that the winter has been pretty mild so I have gotten outside for all of my long runs and a few training runs already this winter.

But the majority of my time is spent on the treadmill. I can usually hang in there and make it through my treadmill runs without going nuts but I’m not immune to some treadmill boredom. That’s one reason I love intervals.

A couple years ago, I started running for speed. It was around this time I came up with Lindsay Intervals, which I blogged about a couple weeks ago. Another of my favorite interval runs is incline intervals.

There aren’t a lot of hills in Fargo (shocking!) so I’ve been incorporating incline work into my weekly training runs. As I was heading into the final mile of today’s 10-mile run outside, I came to an overpass – one of the only sources of incline in Fargo. I was noticeably fatigued after I made it up and it made me think about how crucial my incline treadmill days are. I’m certainly not training for surprise hills along the Fargo Marathon course but there are a few slight incline spots along the way. Plus, it’s just an area that I need to work on to be a more well-rounded runner.

Below is another interval workout that can be customized to every speed ability and fitness level. It’s a great option for treadmill walkers too who are looking to pump up the intensity of workouts but perhaps aren’t interested in running. It’s a similar idea to the concept of Lindsay Intervals but not quite as intense on the recovery portion.

As I did when I blogged about Lindsay Intervals, I’m going to use my base or “comfort” pace of 7.6 MPH in order to illustrate this workout clearly. I’m also including basic time/mileage goals to help give an idea of how to customize for your pace.

Warm-Up and Pre-Interval Portion
• Set the incline on the treadmill to 0.5
• After loosening up with a short walk (1-5 mins) begin running at your comfort pace
• Run at least 5 minutes at this pace (or more, depending on your total goal mileage/time) and this incline
*Try to maintain this pace throughout the intervals (though you can drop it when you start getting up to higher inclines, if needed)

Interval Portion
*18 mins/approx. 2+ miles for this example

If the hills don't exist where you live, bring the hills to you.

If the hills don’t exist where you live, bring the hills to you.

1 min at 1.0 incline
2 mins back to 0.5 incline
1 min at 1.5 incline
2 mins back to 1.0 incline
1 min at 2.0 incline
2 mins back to 1.0 incline
1 min at 2.5 incline
2 mins back to 1.5 incline
1 min at 3.0 incline
2 mins back to 1.5 incline
1 min at 3.5 incline
2 mins back to 1.5 incline

Post-Interval and Cool-Down Portion
• At least 1 min back at 0.5 incline (or more, depending on your total goal/mileage time)
• Gradual reducing of speed to a walk

How many of you beat treadmill boredom with intervals? Do you have other good ones to share? Comment or tweet me @runlikeagirl311. If you try this workout, let me know how it goes!


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