“I’m lovin it”

Ah the obligatory end-of-year blog post. Throughout the years I’ve mixed it up, sharing blogs featuring top moments, favorite people, and things that have nothing to do with the end of the year.

This year I decided to put a different spin on reviewing my year and, rather than look back at experiences, look back at some of the things I loved related to those experiences.

Here are 12 things I loved this year, month by month.

January – Carbs
In efforts to experiment with my diet and how it would affect my workout performance, I dabbled a bit in carb cycling. What I learned is I’m at my best when I don’t restrict carbs. So, yes, I love carbs.

February – Skis
For someone who loves snowboarding, it’s interesting that I’d put skis here, right? After a few years of throwing out the idea, my husband learned how to ski this year. In a single day. Actually, within about the first hour. Exciting for me as I enjoyed being able to share my love of cruising down the slopes with him. I began to envision years of mountain trips and more days of powder in the future…

My happy place.

March – Big Sky
…and then, we went to Big Sky. After teaching himself to ski at a small hill in Minnesota, Chris agreed to give the mountains of Montana a try. We planned a big group trip and had a blast. It was the first time I had been to Big Sky in at least 10 years and it sure didn’t disappoint.

April – Yoga
I tried a couple different yoga classes this year and, especially in April during my peak marathon weeks, it was the best. Yoga sculpt (faster, weight-focused), snow-ga (outdoor yoga in the snow), and yoga on tap (yoga at a local brewery where one gets a beer during class). All winners.

May – The Company of Strangers
I paced my first full marathon in May. Hands down the best part was the great people I got to run with along the way. I knew none of them at the start but by the end, they felt like friends.

June – Early Morning Light
June got off to a hot start so it was nice to log some miles in the early morning hours vs. my typical early evening timeframe.

My newest obsession.

July – Hummus Avocado Toast
I don’t remember how I came up with the idea of combining hummus, avocado, cucumber, and tomato on toast but when I did, it was love at first bite.

August – Saltines
In late July, I found out I was pregnant. By August, there wasn’t much I wanted to eat. Crazy, right? One exception was saltines. I was always game for some saltines. Though one cannot live – and train for a marathon – on saltines alone, I sure came close.

September – Cooler Fall Weather
After what felt like a super-hot summer and logging lots of toasty miles, the cooler fall weather was great.

October – Chicago Trip
While it’s no secret I didn’t totally love the Chicago Marathon (to clarify, I still enjoyed it and am thrilled I did it), what I did love was the weekend trip to Chicago for the race. I got to spend time with my oldest brother, his family, and my parents. My dad made the trek into the city with us and attended his first race expo, and my bro and 16-year-old niece voluntarily got up at 4 a.m., came to the race with me, then took me to their favorite vegetarian spot after.

The “Meat Free” sign in the background was our favorite.

November – Ice Pack
Ice, in November? After greatly scaling back running in mid October, I continued to keep it easy in November, but I never really stopped. As a result, the nagging plantar fasciitis in my left foot hadn’t quite gone away so I spent plenty of time with my perfectly sized, flexible ice pack to keep it from flaring up.

December – Puppy Chow
My absolute favorite holiday treat, I again couldn’t get enough puppy chow this year. And to clarify, not just any puppy chow – my homemade puppy chow. Because making it is part of why I love it.

Happy New Year, friends. What did you love about this year? Share in the comments, tweet me @LindsayIRL, or share your on Instagram or Twitter with the hasthtag #wellirl.


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